We rent out both flats for stays with a minimum of two nights.

Rates may differ, depending on the time and period of your visit or the length of your stay.
For any details or checking vacancies, rates and reservations, please contact us through email or … just give us a call after 6pm (local time). We really don’t bite.

Every final booking is handled through a written agreement, which is always made up and only in Dutch.

For weekend stays or stays up to 3 nights we can help out with sheets and towels. For longer stays you will have to provide those yourselves.


Arrivals are on the day of commencement, noted in the agreement, after 4pm.
Departures are on the day of departure, noted in the agreement, no later than 10:30am.


All payments due for any length of stay need to be fulfilled by a money transfer into our bank account at reservation. Only if all payments have been received will we be providing the key to the flat.

We are unfortunately unable to accept any form of cash, cheques, credit cards or electronic payments.


Sofie Pillen en Johan De Smedt 
Sofie: +32 – 495 – 261 340
Johan: +32 – 473 – 896 637

Kerkstraat 52,
2060 Antwerpen

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